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Update for March

posted Apr 9, 2013, 11:24 PM by Dmitri Boulanov
As mentioned before, we have been keeping all of the communication in our team emails. So let me share a few updates for March.
  • A prototype of a mobile digital spirometer has been designed; tweaking and manufacturing is under way
  • Came across original research done at U. Pittsburg (please see updated Research section) which suggests significant value in monitoring vital signals real-time and notifying medical staff of any deteriorating condition per thresholds based on those signals (through the composition of a single index physiological variable) - some deterioration in wellness detected six hours in advance! Please check the papers for the setup and methods - of the research by Dr. Pinsky.
  • Peak detection script for EKG signals, HR calculation script completed in Python
    • Found issues with existing data, so will need to take additional readings, but script works fine
  • New back-end architecture is described by a diagram on the Back-end page; the backend stack is completely based in Amazon Web Services
    • Originally set up hosting on Heroku, but ditched in favor of all the available AWS functionality and interfaces (below)
    • SQS for a queue, S3 for storage, EC2 for processing (Linux, Python script) and SNS for notifications (SMS; platform independent)
    • Python interface to AWS - boto was used. Here is an example of a full Python interface to AWS services we used.
    • Complete end-to-end testing is in progress; Queue, peak-detection and SNS has been proven successful individually
    • Will likely switch to email notifications in future testing, considering the price for SMS. However, SMS arrives quicker than emails do.

  • Next iteration: front-end update requirements are being drafted - to be wrapped up by weekend of 4/12. We will be simplifying the EKG workflow.
  • Working on requirements for charting and data storage for the spirometer data (for COPD cases)
  • Working on specifying the alerts/thresholds that will set off notifications from SNS
  • Once complete end to end workflow is developed and tested (May), we can move on to creating a copy on iOS (June) and developing out a database to store all of the test information (June, July)
  • Once iOS workflows are available, we can do our first round of user and doctor testing (as docs tend to prefer iOS) this summer, along with doing a round of surveys during the testing, in order to get feedback on the functionality and get into the next round of server and UI development
  • Finally, we aim to keep an eye out for additional EKG and other (pulse oximeter using a Node) devices to integrate into the system
Please see the pitch for Mozilla Ignite Round 3 in the About section, for more info on our plans for Round 3 and beyond.