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posted Apr 9, 2013, 10:37 PM by Dmitri Boulanov   [ updated Apr 9, 2013, 10:38 PM ]
Your phone will know you're sick before you do
"...Usability is key: People want something intuitive and simple. Healthcare solutions must be designed with the user in mind, enabling people to arrive at actionable conclusions based on their personal data..."

"...Dr. Deborah Weiner, a pediatric emergency physician at Boston Children’s, created a mobile app for communications in the ED and a platform to help deliver laboratory values, diagnostic test results and other pertinent information back to doctors more quickly so they can make medical decisions earlier. A pilot of the app found that lab results came back 28 percent faster with the app than without it, according to Fried..."

"...The data gathered by these apps is analyzed, displayed and can be shared with physicians. And most of the apps even will suggest behavioral changes to improve test results...'This app revolution is going to enable more continuous health care,” Lai said. “ So we are keeping people healthy instead of treating them when they’re sick.' "

^^ This article above suggests that doctors may be part of a feedback loop for patients, using the apps as a connecting point. Hmm... interesting thought. But how about having the systems act as a closed loop or a physician's assistant commenting on your latest readings, much like a personal trainer in a gym?