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From old blog - Sept 29th: Project Page v.1 is up!

posted Feb 9, 2013, 7:38 PM by Dmitri Boulanov
The initial version of the homepage for the project is now up and functional. In this section, you may find the team's progress, as we go forth on building out the front and back end of euMetrica, as well as find new research pieces, find additional devices to integrate into the system, have new ideas about the system, have general updates, add team-members, alter our vision, and get any press.

Within The Vision section, you may find the description for the initial idea that we entered into Mozilla Ignite, which we'll modify as our vision for the system iterates.

The Devices page will list the sensor devices that we are working to incorporate into our system and those that  we have researched as potential sensors.

The Research page will feature any scientific papers and publications that we come across, whether they be physiology, sensing, specific use case, or software architecture related. Here you might find the backing ideas for what we're trying to do.

The Front-end and Back-end pages will have links to the code repositories (Github) and the summaries of the interactive client-side and functional server-side of the system - these will be updated in much more detail as we make progress on the project, make design choices, and iterate through software development.

The Press page is there for fun - to keep track of any public announcements about us - whether that be in print, on the web or on TV (a story about the idea has been featured in all three types of media now :)

The About section features the information about the current team (which we expect to change as we get further into the development rounds), as well as a short description of the project (that should also be dynamic).

That's all for the initial website, folks! Stay tuned for additional updates.