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Device ecosystem update

posted Apr 9, 2013, 10:27 PM by Dmitri Boulanov
It has been quite a bit since our last update - we have been using email as the main means for threads, correspondence and news. It's time some of that material got out to the blog. I will start off with a device update!

Breathometer - I wonder if this had an API, would it possibly be integrated into the system. Could future ones identify the health state of your stomach flora?

QMedic bracelets - could these be used to track vital signs and be worn decoratively? Will there be an API for these?

Sensiotec - very cool news. These guys are developing contactless (that's right! no touch!) sensors for measuring vital signs and digitizing the data. Could be a huge leap ahead for digital health. Would this have an API we could access? I wonder how big the device would be? Could it be minituarized? These guys are competing for the Tricoder prize and integrate data from other sensors... could we exchange ideas?

"Smartphone physical"! 
An entire array of smartphone-linked health devices is discussed in this TEDMED blog entry. It's obvious that individuals will be monitored, head to toe, soon. This is just the first batch of such devices. What capabilities are missing? How is the data stored? Can it be shared? What are some signals that are not being monitored and what are the hurdles to such functionality? Can euMetrica act to link all the data that these devices gather through their APIs? One app to sync with all of them and keep your body data all in one place? Can we make these cheaper using existing technologies?