New for 2013:
Additional academic research proving need and potential for euMetrica real-time monitoring & notification system.

From 2012:
Evaluation of a threshold-based tri-axial accelerometer fall detection algorithm - Bourke, 2007
Describes the fall-detection algorithm we are currently using in our Android front-end.

Low-power wireless sensor nodes for ubiquitous long-term biomedical signal monitoring - Bachmann et al, 2012
Makes the case for ubiquitous monitoring.

Applying Complex Event Processing and Extending Sensor Web Enablement to a Health Care Sensor Network Architecture - Foley et al, 2009
Describes the case for complex-event processing and the need for next-generation networks for using the former over the net.

Creating HIPAA-Compliant Medical Data Applications With AWS
Describes Amazon's approach to dealing with privacy: an approach to sending and storing sensitive medical data in the Amazon cloud, using Amazon Web Services.